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What are the details that are easy to ignore during the completion acceptance of decoration? Today, Xiaobian will review some experience for you, hoping to give you some suggestions while you are decorating

what are the details that are easy to be ignored during the completion acceptance of decoration? Today, Xiaobian will review some experience for you, hoping to give you some suggestions while you are decorating! 01 paint 1 The surface color is correct and uniform, the brightness is smooth and moderate, and there is no sagging, wrinkled skin, too thick, transparent, blistering, anti whitening, etc. 2. The paint boundary is straight and tidy, and the wood oil is out of bounds

3. The emulsion paint can be seen at a distance of 1m without wrinkles

4. The coloring of wood nails should be accurate and smooth. Hardware fittings and glass should be clean

the seam of the wallpaper should be accurate, fitted, and free of blisters. The flowers should be aligned according to the regulations, and cut with a sharp blade. There should be no tearing of the paper edge

02 wallpaper 0/3 carpentry 1. Structure — Check whether the structure of the woodworking project is straight and flat when accepting the woodworking project (whether in the horizontal or vertical direction, the correct woodworking practice should be straight and flat); 2. Modeling — Carpentry items should have a flat surface without bulging or breakage. Symmetrical woodworking items should be symmetrical; 3. Corner — In woodworking design, the normal corner is 90 degrees, except for special design factors; 4. Mosaic — The mosaic of woodworking projects must be tight and accurate. The correct wood parquet should have no gap between each other or maintain a uniform spacing distance; 5. Gap — The corner seam between the line and the line clamp shall not exceed 0.3mm, and the seam between the seal line, corner line and waist line shall not exceed 0.2mm, the seam between the trim panel and the plate shall not exceed 0.2mm, and the overall error of the sliding door shall not exceed 0.3mm.   1. PVC pipe or black iron pipe shall be used for the line entering the wall. The method of digging the wall and burying the line shall not be used, and the road box shall be connected

2. The laying of open lines should be as neat and beautiful as possible, especially at the corner, and the distance between lines should be normal and equal.   3. Wires in the cabinet shall be concealed as far as possible, and fixed with a rubber wire code every 200mm.   4. High power electrical equipment (such as air conditioners, electric water heaters, etc.) should be wired separately.   5. The leakage circuit breaker shall be set as the main switch in the household distribution box. The leakage action current is 30mA.   6. Electrical devices should be firmly wired and well contacted. Non live metal parts should be reliably grounded and ground wires should be installed.   7. The switch should be installed 1.3m above the ground. 0.2m from the door frame. The toilet socket should be splash proof.   8. The weak current system and the electric lighting line shall not be laid in the same pipe and installed in the same connection box. 04 electrician 05 Tiling: 1 The tile surface should be flat, the angle should be accurate, the edges should be neat, and the edges and corners should be complete

2. The floor of kitchen and toilet should be suitable for inclined water (2%), Do not accumulate water, pour water. 3. After the tile is jointed, the cement mortar shall be brushed with rattan wire, and the residual cement mortar shall not be left on the brick surface. Carpet 1 The seam of carpet should be aligned with the pattern and the direction of carpet wool. 2. Use aluminum corner to close the edge. Don't directly hit it with a small hammer. First cushion it with wood blocks and then tap it to avoid dents.   1. The slab joint shall not be greater than 0.2mm. The skids shall be larch, bensong and miscellaneous wood. The specification shall not be less than 45mmx25mmo, and the length of the fixing screw shall be 2-2.5 times the height of the grid

2. The newly made maple floor should be made with 9-12mm plywood as the bottom. The bottom of the board should be waterproof with linoleum or plastic paper, and 10-20mm gaps should be reserved on the four sides, which should be covered with skirting. The crystal floor should be oiled at least three times.   3. The polished floor should be smooth without concave or sharp marks, and the corners should be polished with a small grinder. 06 floor and floor wax




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